Deep sea pilot on SHIP to SHIP operation


Product / pilot services

We, hereby, H.P.S SHIPPING CO is the IRANIAN state-owned Enterprises that is professional engaged on STS operation at Persian gulf , which facing and taking care on this economic area ( PG & Oman SEA ) . We have been developing the Deep Sea pilotage Services by professional and experienced certified pilots. We would like to invite the vessels owner and Master which navigate and transit through Persian Gulf to use our services.
Our pilotage team aimed on safety of any STS operation at Persian Gulf for proposed of the clients. 10 experienced and certified Iranian pilots whom they are already working at IRANIIAN ports and terminals

Tugs and STS Instruments

Our company supplied for purposed of the STS operation at Persian gulf or OMAN SEA by the required of the clients. For doing this purpose the following instruments are ready to done safe and professional services for our clients.
⦁ Tug / Z drive service / tractor type / 2x engine /6400 hp / 65 BP/
⦁ Tug / conventional harbor tug / 2x engine / 4800 hp / 45 BP
⦁ 18 psc of YOKOHAMA FENDERs / size: 6.5 x 3.3 and 8 x 4.8
⦁ 2 psc of floating houses for transferring oil on STS Operations
⦁ Compatible reducers